It is Your 5th Wedding Anniversary and You Are Out of Gift Ideas

So, you want to be (desperately) like that bloke on television. The kind who seems to know exactly what a woman wants. He always scores above the hunks in the popularity stakes. But, anniversaries, birthdays, and just about any occasion that requires you to give that monster called ‘gifts’, make you break out in cold sweat. Now, with your 5th wedding anniversary almost upon you, you are still completely clueless! When it comes to gauging exactly what anniversary present will send your lady love to seventh heaven, you are lost.

Well, guess what? Where there is a will there is always a way. To your credit, you have not once forgotten an anniversary — yet! But, what needs an overhaul is the gift (giving) department. So, read on for 5th anniversary present ideas.

1. The traditional gift for the 5th anniversary year is wood — solid, strong and durable, like your marriage. Wood need not be boring and is, in fact, the perfect medium for you to showcase your talents. Is she fond of plants and gardening? How about a lovely bonsai plant — symbolising your ageless and evergreen love? Or, dig out your tools and work away at a wood carving. It can be anything from a photo frame to a plaque bearing the words, ‘I Love You’. And, it would be a real labour of love! Be sweetly sentimental. Fill a beautifully carved wooden box with a specially penned love letter for her, and slip in a turquoise pendant for greater impact (turquoise is the 5th anniversary gemstone). Another great wood idea — a wooden wine box with a bottle of champagne snugly nestled inside.

2. Go contemporary with silver and be spoilt for choice. From exquisitely styled photo frames and tableware to a stunning range of jewellery, silver lends itself to a staggering range of ideal fifth wedding anniversary gifts. Plan a romantic evening at home for just the two of you. Pack the children off to their grandparents’ house (by now kids would have made an appearance in your life), and revive the charm of your courtship days. Place a tall silver candle stand on the dining table, its flickering light imbuing the moments with a warm, romantic glow. The rest is up to your imagination.

3. Every wedding anniversary year has its own gemstone. The stone for the 5th year is turquoise. Either present her with a gorgeous turquoise ring, pendant, bracelet, or else display your creativity by combining two themes in one. Silver jewellery studded with turquoise gemstones looks exquisite, while necklaces or bracelets made of only turquoise stones can transform her into an instant diva!

4. Somehow, no celebration can be truly complete without flowers. As with gems, each anniversary year also has a special flower. The fifth year is traditionally associated with daisies. Greet her on the morning of the big day with a large bunch of beautiful, sunny nostalgic daisies.

Tip: All women love being wooed, whether the relationship is in its nascent stage or a seasoned one. Always keep this in mind. Even if she seems to outwardly abhor sentimental displays, inwardly she is longing to be swept off her feet. So, gallant knight, what are you waiting for?

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